The Fat Lad to Fighter Instagram Live workout 001

The Fat Lad to Fighter Instagram Live workout 001

My wife had popped to the shop and I was left with the kids. It was a little while before bedtime so I thought I’d take to The Gram and get a workout in. It was in typical me fashion, unplanned, on a whim and see where it takes us sort of thing.

I grabbed the whiteboard and tried to think of a few exercises but couldn’t… “Well, this is a problem,” I thought to myself, purely based on the fact that if I couldn’t think of any exercises, I wouldn’t have a workout to do on live.

Then it struck. Get people ON LIVE to give you exercises. I had the boys and limited time so as I began doing this, it became apparent that I wouldn’t get both in, so I made it a fun, interactive experience where people were sending in their exercises and if I didn’t know them, they had to come on and show me how to do it.

It was a right laugh, we had a great time and the feedback has been brilliant. So now the time comes to compile the exercises, create a workout with it and record it, which is what I will work on once the kids are in bed. It’s a hard bloody workout. There’s lots of stuff in there and it will definitely get your heart rate up, your blood pumping and those calories burned.

If you want to do it along with me then, by all means, you can join in too! Once I have posted the video of me doing with the workout that was pulled together out of the exercises, then you can video you doing it and send it in!

You can send the video either on Insta, Facebook or via email and I will give it a share.

I will be doing this three times a week during this pandemic and plug it into my ever-growing, new, daily routine. I hope everyone is doing okay at this time. I’m lucky enough to have two young boys so they keep me very much entertained and on my toes during the day.

Also, having you guys to turn to on a night on social and throughout the digital community really helps too, thank you for being there and making it all so worth doing. I know these times aren’t easy and there is still a lot of the time to endure but please be patient.

See this out and come out of the other side a better version of yourself for it. I know there may be some pain, some suffering along the way but you have to remember that you are the one that has the ability to be that outward positive rush everyone needs.

The Fat Lad to Fighter Instagram Live workout 001

50 Jumping Jacks
40 High knees
30 Lunges
20 Squats
10 Burpees
50 sit-ups
3x3min rounds shadow boxing

1min rest

25 jumping jacks
10 Spider-man Push-ups
10 Inchworms
20 Leg/knee raises
10 Sprawls
50 Star jumps
10 Tuck-jump burpees

1 min rest

30 Mountain climbers
21 Clapping push-ups
3x3min rounds shadow boxing

Stay safe everyone, here if you need me.
Fat Lad, out!

P.s – Stay tuned for the video coming later, my brother is going to video me doing it 🙂

Dom Platt

I discovered Muay Thai in 2014. My life's trajectory completely changed from that moment on. I don't stop thinking about Muay Thai, it's my life.