It's time to work it out

Today it has never been more important to be both, physically and mentally strong. Learning Muay Thai will not only do that but it will improve many areas your life and inspire better life choices, to make you more resilient and ready for the days challenges. Grab your first hour session for only £15 (usually £25)!

Tailored sessions to your ability

Whether you're just getting started or are a seasoned professional, there will be something for every level and ability.

Great for mental well-being

Muay Thai is a fantastic way to set up your day right or shake off the days stresses. It builds resilience, mental toughness and is a great way to become self-aware.

Excellent form of exercise

The limits to which you push your body in the gym is a great way to get fit. All while enjoying learning new skills in a relaxed, informal environment.

Featured Classes

1-on-1 muay thai coaching sessions

The quickest way to develop a solid skillset would be to book into 1-on-1 coaching. Where classes are great to engage socially, the progress you can make in an hours direct coaching will be far more beneficial.

Small group muay thai training

If you and a couple of friends would like to learn Muay Thai together and also spread the cost between you, then this is an option with the small group training sessions. 

achieving your goals

Nothing feels better in this world than achieving personal goals that you have set. Whether it be weight-loss, making new friends, stepping out of your comfort zone or competition/fighting, the micro-accomplishments in every session keep you hungry for more!

Who am I?

My name is Dominic Platt and I have loved Muay Thai for 6 years now. When I discovered the ‘Art of 8 Limbs,’ I instantly fell in love, not only with the gym but with the community as a whole. Up to now, I have had 6 fights since I started fighting in 2018. I have been lucky enough to have worked with some of the best known names in the Muay Thai world. 

Now, I am embarking on a journey to pass on the knowledge that I have learned to inspire and motivate the next generation of practitioners and ambassadors for Thai boxing. Muay Thai is my life, and I am very much looking forward to bringing a new, fresh approach to sharing the knowledge and developing peoples awareness and drive to achieve. 

I know this sounds cliche but if I can do what I have done, then so can you. I firmly believe that smaller, incremental steps built into a plan to achieve long-term will drive success and motivation. Below I have a visual example in video format for you to see a snippet of the transformation that has been made for me over the last 2 years.  

This has driven me to want to help that happen for other people too. Whether that be personal goals, fighting, developing yourself or would like to get fit, then Muay Thai covers all bases. I can help you with that.

When Fat Lad to Fighter was fat

This is my fourth fight

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. There will become more times available as we grow.

Call me directly if you would like to book. 

1-on-1 muay thai training



Individual 1-2-1 Muay Thai training session

Pre-booking required

First session £15

Block booking £200 for 10 1hr sessions

Referral scheme and other discounts and benefits available

Small group muay thai training (4 max)


/per person

Make learning Muay Thai more fun with your friends

Pre-booking required

Save on costs by spreading between you all but still learning he same

10% free when 10+ sessions are block booked

Referral scheme and other discounts and benefits available

muay thai pad/bag blast sessions (4 max)


/30min session

High intensity 30 minute workout

Pre-booking required

Get a solid workout with ThaiFit at the forefront of the concentrated work.

10% free when 10+ sessions are block booked

Referral scheme and other discounts and benefits available

Time to make that change?

If you have done enough thinking and are ready to make that step, then I am here for you. I understand how it feels stepping into a strange environment for the first time so I will make it as enjoyable as I possibly can for you. Feel free to message me on Whatsapp or send me an email to get yourself booked in and let the good times roll!