Nathan Bendon COVID-19 – Day 1 vlog

Nathan Bendon COVID-19 – Day 1 vlog

Some of you guys may know Nathan Bendon. He is an ex-Thai boxer turned professional boxer. He has an absolute wealth of knowledge to offer and he has decided to take to social and use the tools of today to share his experiences with the recent outbreak of COVID-19.

It’s mad how much I have seen people come together during this time and sharing their insights into their experiences during ‘lockdown’. Here Bendon gives us a little leg exercise. He is making a daily vlog about different things throughout this time and I caught up with him in a live on Facebook the other day.

I said I would share it daily for us to all have a gander through and share if we enjoyed it. So here is his legs workout from a couple of days ago 🙂

Go and check out his website this will have all of the posts relating to his blog… it’s a lovely website too, you’ll enjoy floating about on it 🙂

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