Live Q&A – recorded videos from Insta Live

Live Q&A – recorded videos from Insta Live

As some of you may or may not be aware, I go live every morning on Instagram and talk about the day ahead and choose a particular topic while I’m having a shower or drinking my morning coffee.

Sometimes, I don’t think of a topic and try to wing my way through with the help of the audience members asking me questions to carry the conversation. 

We always have a laugh on a morning. Whether you’ll be travelling to work or sitting waiting for a lift or have it playing at a later date, you can be sure that there are some entertaining moments.

Sometimes I remember to download the video and upload it to YouTube so what I thought I would do, is pop the ones I have managed to bring together and upload to YouTube here for you to have a little look at and catch up with.

I will see if I can create its own category and create a little place for it to go where you can find them all together with individual links to the videos or whatever but for now, I will just link the videos directly from the Muay Thai Blog YouTube channel for you to have a look at should you want to.

Dom Platt

I discovered Muay Thai in 2014. My life's trajectory completely changed from that moment on. I don't stop thinking about Muay Thai, it's my life.