Get Fat Lad to Thailand 002 – Sunday session at Millpit gym

Get Fat Lad to Thailand 002 – Sunday session at Millpit gym

As part of the Get Fat Lad to Thailand series, I will be documenting my training as part of getting fit to be ready for the twice daily gruelling sessions at True8 Muay Thai on Koh Samui in Thailand.

I will also be sharing everything from preparing my itinerary, planning my flights, trips, sessions there, researching things to do and sharing my experiences during the whole thing so anyone who may be looking to go through the same thing, they would have a resource to look at.

Get Fat Lad to Thailand 002 – Sunday session at Millpit gym

In this video I talk and show you some training that I did on Sunday with Dan my little brother. We worked on stepping his front leg out on his back leg kick. Trying to generate more power and maintain good form.

When he holds the pads for me, we work on how to hold the pads properly for someone and work on the movements you make while calling what you want the fighter to make. It’s an art form, both aspects of hitting and holding pads takes concentration and creativity. You have to be in the moment, relaxed and comfortable enough to call what you want and on the flip side, send what is called.

There was plenty of footage captured so I will be able to share a bit more over the coming weeks while we’re all stuck at home with the pandemic. It’ll be important for us to maintain some sort of challenge for ourselves while we have this time.

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