A COVID-19 message from Fat Lad

A COVID-19 message from Fat Lad

In these times it’s important we stick together and continue to challenge our brains on a daily basis. I caught up with Notorious Fight Gear on a live video and it got me thinking about how pulling together in these times can make a massive difference.

Making that phone call you wouldn’t normally make to the person you haven’t spoken to in a little while, could go a little way to help both you and the person who you speak with.

Now more than ever, when we are spending more time at home, is it important to keep connected in a situation where we are forced to be disconnected from everything. I made a little video, hopefully to show that everything will be okay.

Times may get harder but as long as we have each other, then there’s nothing much that can stop us!

Dom Platt

I discovered Muay Thai in 2014. My life's trajectory completely changed from that moment on. I don't stop thinking about Muay Thai, it's my life.