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Here I will share my experiences throughout my time exploring the beautiful art of Muay Thai. You will be able to come, get educated, be entertained and purchase merchandise, fight tickets and more!

I have been presented with a unique opportunity to go and live and train in Thailand for 4 weeks. I have won a spot at True 8 Muay Thai on Koh Samui with my accommodation, food and training all paid for, all I need to cover is my normal life while I’m away and my travel expenses to get there and back! I am building sponsorship packages for businesses to get involved but I received messages from people asking how they could get involved personally. Hence the JustGiving page.

I am appealing to all the beautiful members of my community to try and help me in this life changing adventure and to make this dream a reality. I need to raise some funds that is going to help me purchase the flights, arrange extra childcare and support my family while I aren’t around working and bringing the money that I normally would be. This would be a very good way to accelerate my skillset and give me a once-in-a-lifetime chance to share the true life of a fighter in Thailand.

Who is Fat Lad?

Fat Lad to Fighter (Dominic Platt) is a Muay Thai enthusiast turned fighter. Documenting the journey from being 98kg, overweight and unfit to become a healthy, active Muay Thai fighter. Sharing the positive impacts Muay Thai has on many different aspects of life. You will very soon see that I wear my heart on my sleeve and am just here for a good time and to make some good memories along the way.

Here to make friends

One very important thing to me is that this community is a safe place for anyone to come along and join. The FatLad Fam is welcoming.

Find your path

I am lucky enough to have found, what I believe, is my purpose. To live and breathe all things Muay Thai. I hope it can do the same for you.

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Connect with me on social and say hello. I’m probably most active on Insta (clink here and it’ll take you here). Love a good live video and story binge.

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Here are just a few of many messages I have received from people throughout my journey so far. It’s mad the amount of love I receive and words of encouragement and thanks for just spreading a little positivity around. It’s a crazy rollercoaster of events we’re all on, why not make it as entertaining as possible, eh? Thanks to these guys for messages me with such kind words and to everyone else too! I do try to reply to every single message that comes through my inboxes so you will get a reply if you send one in :).

Bro, there’s a lot that's special about you, I think you’re f*ckin’ ace to be honest. A bit like me… putting yourself out there and just doing your thing. I’d love to have you on board as an ambassador (FATLAD20 for 20% off your order)
I can’t tell you how much respect I have for you right now mate. It’s easy to talk about things when everything is good but it takes a powerful man to share when things to not go to plan. You’re my hero. I love you bro!
The inspiration you give is just amazing man. You taught me something, when we fought at Victory 5 we both lost, I was really disappointed how I fought. After, I saw you enjoying the moment even, if you lost you was still happy to be there and after with family. That’s motivated me to be happy because I challenge myself again and do something which not everyone can do and I was proud of myself..thanks brother 🙏

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I very randomly and sporadically upload to my podcast. I host it through anchor (highly recommend for someone just getting started) and have been really blown away by the support around it. So if you’d love to go and have a listen to me rambling about training, fighting and all things Muay Thai related then get on over and give it a subscribing too you absolute legend!